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Friends connecting with Friends is the BEST kind of Sharing.....

I'd love your help to get the word out about Fearless Family Vacations. This book will help so many families turn their vacation dreams into reality. I've written some tweets and facebook posts for you to share. I'd truly appreciate your help in spreading the news so more families can vacation fearlessly!




YouTube Video


THANK YOU for clicking & sharing!


Happy Travels!!!!

Sally Black -

I seriously need a where I can make everyone happy without losing my mind

I want a #familyvacation with boatloads of fun and no rides on the crazy train 

Planning a vacation is like planning a family - you need to start 9 mo in advance #familyvacation,#travel

Vacation shopping without a plan is like going to the market hungry without a shopping list #familyvacation

Think of your travel agent as your tour guide that can lead you to your perfect #familyvacation

Having the right family vacation shopping plan can save you from neurosis and take you to nirvana

I can't wait to read the book Fearless Family Vacations

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